Family Chiropractic Center of Oakton, PC

What to Expect on Your First and Second Visits





When you arrive for your appointment, you will be asked to fill out patient forms (this can be downloaded off this site- **see payment and insurance page**). These forms give Dr. Tenshaw a better understanding of your health history and your health care needs. A thorough examination will provide a base line, and a review of any x-rays that were performed will give a detailed view of  the spine. You will be placed on modalities prior to your Chiropractic treatment. This allows for an easier, more effective Chiropractic treatment (adjustment) which gives a longer lasting effect and better results.




Your second visit should be scheduled within 2-3 days after your first visit. This is known as the " Report of Findings" day. Dr. Tenshaw will discuss a specific treatment plan which will consist of:


-How many treatments/therapy visits corrective care may take.

-Home exercises/stretches which will assist in the healing process.

-Nutritional advice which will help the body's overall health, aiding in the healing process.

-Also to discuss if additional medical assistance is needed outside of Chiropractic Care.




Services and Techniques


Dr. Tenshaw takes great pride in providing the finest Chiropractic care to his patient. Below is a brief description of what he offers in his facility.

-Trigger Point Therapy: designed to alleviate the source of pain through manual palpation and isolated cycles of pressure and release.  

-Flexion/Distraction: designed to open the disc space between the Vertebrae to allow for decompression on the nerves running through the spine.


-Mechanical/Manual Traction: designed to slightly stretch tight muscles/connective tissue.


-Electrical Stimulation: machine transmitting electrical impulses that exercise small and large muscle groups and to stimulate nerve endings.


-Moist Heat Packs (surface heat): helps loosen outer muscle fibers/release constriction off nerves.


-Ultrasound (deep heat): helps loosen inner muscle fibers, reduce joint pain, heal cartilage, break up scar tissue and nerve irritation.


-Rehabilitation: stretches/exercises routines designed to strengthen specific areas of the body.


-Manual Modalities: manual approach to muscle stiffness/tightness. Also considered Massage Therapy.


-Cryotherapy: organic topical solution to aid in muscle relaxation, pain and stiffness.

-Infrared Light: Infrared helps by increasing the energy production by cells, increasing collagen and elastin production, speeds up injury recovery, relaxes muscle tension, detox's the fat cells and boosts your metabolism. 
We alternate Mechanical Modalities and Manual Modalities while administering Chiropractic Treatments. By doing so, this forces the muscles to never get used to the same treatment, which will cause them to become non-responsive. Like with any exercise, your muscles become used to the same exercise and stop responding. We alternate the modalities so that your muscles continuously respond to treatments...This is known as "Muscle Confusion".