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Chiropractic is a holistic branch of the health care industry that focuses on the Muscular Skeletal Frame and the Nervous System. By keeping your frame "IN LINE" or in the correct position, the nervous system will run properly, allowing the entire body to function properly. We take this approach prior to the use of drugs and chemicals, which are mostly aides for the symptoms, not the cause.

The Spinal Column consists of several movable bones (Vertebrae) that start from your skull and end at your hips. Spongy tissue (disc) between the Vertebrae allow for flexability, cushion and protect Vertebrae from rubbing against each other. Within the spinal column run Thirty-One Pairs of nerves extending from the brain and exiting the spine through openings. From there, the nerves travel through the body, effecting all other organs and their functions. Tension, trauma and stress are some of the many causes of Vertebral misalignment which cause nerve irritation. Numbness, tingling, loss of control of arms/legs and headaches are just some of the symptoms revealing an underlying problem.


Chiropractic is a hands on approach to correcting that underlying cause. By eliminating  the cause, the symptoms are corrected. We believe that proper skeletal positioning, a healthy muscular environment and free flowing nerve conductivity allow the entire body to work as a polished machine. Chiropractors also believe nutrition and exercise play a role in total health. We advise our patients of lifestyle changes that help them sustain a healthy, long lasting life.


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